Flow-in City

Ben Hatch

The Performative Detour Projection Simulator (PDPS) is an interactive street detour. Utilising the whole surface area of the location from below to above eye level. Illustrations, videos and text is projected onto the environment, inviting pedestrians to take part in the race. The aim of the game is to win the race, but in doing so the participants and observers have already become part of a detoured atmosphere. Operating the space differently, increasing the level of detour and therefore, subconsciously shifting from their generic actions, into a much more abstracted and interesting flow.


The model is a tool for others to make their own detour, where one can design new ways of inhabiting an area, by projecting their desired inventions of detour. Deflating the robust rules of a space, sculpting it into a virtual playground. I have prototyped my way of detouring in the context of a street race, but my ambitions for this project is open plan, allowing others to project their own flow into reality.

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