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Florence Steenebruggen

17 / 07 / 18


I first arrived Calais on a Tuesday afternoon dropped off by the BlaBla car that had taken me from right in front of my house in south east London to right in front of the Calais warehouse. The journey was nice. We were in a van with five other people picked up in different locations in London but all of us were finishing our trip in different places. I was the only one to stop in Calais.


My first approach that I have done with this project is used my personal experience of going to Calais as a way to explore my design practise. So in a way my experience in Calais has also influenced the perception of myself as a designer as well as my practise. This thinking has raised a lot of questioning as well. On one hand going to Calais and cooking has been for me the only thing I want to do, but is that enough? Isn’t that also being a part of the problematic of volunteering and what it means to do so ? After investigating Calais on the field and coming back to London and researching the problems happening in the politics of immigration in France and the violence associated with it, I want to take a step back and question myself. Why do these people have less rights than I do? Being myself a migrant and having travelled all around Europe without ever having to encounter such difficulties and terrors, makes me feel very powerless while facing this world of the western superiority. Not only has this research process made me doubt my role as a white privileged individual, and volunteer in Calais it has also created doubts on what my action and intervention is as a designer, what is it that I can do if I am part of the problem?

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