The People's Games :

Rederfing Grassroot sport in the City

Jamie Antin

The Rooted Collective aims to highlight how the biggest battles in sport are not the ones on the pitch, court or ring. The works investigates and celebrates the ‘People’s Game’, aiming to expose the idea of how this lowest level of sport has taken influence on city space and vice versa. Grassroot sports have always been important within the cultural and sustainable development of urban spaces. However, in a current crisis of lack of funding and support from both organisations within the private and public sector, its importance and lack of growth has now left clubs concealed within the walls and spaces they operate within. In using these sporting subgroups, I aim to enhance how we can expose and understand the larger cultural narratives of society detained within their diverse communities, placing the sports within a new realm of education for the public. This aims to show a body of work that makes connections between elements of sport, art and design to enrich the voices and communications, placing them within a broader context that challenges the agency of these organisations.

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