Le Piccole Bacchette

Linh Mi Pham

This project has begun with my offensive towards to Dolce and Gabbana’s last year advertisement for the Chinese marketing.


There was not any offensive message of the advertisement until the narrative came up. The narrative in the background was mocking Asian culture through the chopsticks which makes me feel frustrated. At the same time, the advertisement portrayed the Asian model in the way of she is lacking of knowledge for foreign's culture/refinement. In the fashion industry, various high-end brands are “accidentally” disturbing with other cultural because of their own founders are lack of understanding and knowledge. High-end brands such as D&G have a lot of influence on other people due to their popularity, therefore their advertisements will be shown everywhere, including on the internet. As they faulty advertise the wrong ideas of Asia to those who may not have the opportunity to interact with Asian people, this will lead to have a broken connection among races, especially in the fashion industry.


Therefore the audience I want to communicate for my project is high-end clients as they are the ones can heavily influence on the brands' decisions. In order to approach them, I have created a catalog that contains helpful knowledge about Asian culture, Interview with fashion students, and small essays of explaining the photoshoots, fabrics and outfits that I have made.

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