The Fairest of Them All:

Life in the Land of Candle Princesses

Miki Wong

The Candle Princess (Puteri Lilin) is an expression deriving from the Malay proverb for someone who abstains from being in the sun for extended periods of time. Implying that just like a candle, they’d melt from the heat. These Candle Princesses occupy a large part of Asia where skin whitening culture is glorified to unhealthy and extreme levels.


This series of graphic novels aims to educate Malaysian teenagers about the harmful nature of skin whitening as well as its origins from the phenomenon of colourism. Through interviews with prominent media figures, it sheds light on the toxicity behind Malaysia’s culture of glorifying fair skin, while bringing attention to a much-needed discussion about the matter.


Thus, showcasing how the reality behind Candle Princesses is not as whimsical and glamorous as it sounds.

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