Eyeful Wheels

Thanaphorn YJCJ

My concept is to explore and utilise the realm of imagination as a catharsis by physically disabled users to re-visualise their individualised unique desires of physical disability equipments through speculative user-oriented designs and object-oriented story-telling.


Using somaesthetics, body conscious philosophy by Shusterman, I am exploring the politics of mind, body, object dialectic and ownership. It politically limits their behavior of how, where and what they could act, travel and commute in different spaces which are mostly inaccessible, time-consuming and inconvenient environments.


Using the social model of disability by Oliver, Sapey and Thomas. I am trying to transform mono-faceted cultural misrepresentation of physically disabled people in society into multi-faceted layered representation. I want to reveal how these prohibits them from contributing in society economically as active consumers engaging in normal activities and getting employed in diverse professions, and challenge the assumptions and pre-existing models of issues surrounding these topics.

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